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Photographic Projects


La classe A008

Cobra Jaune et autres rencontres

El Carès

Special missions Schaerbeek

Missions spéciales Bucarest (Cismigiu)


Ousteri selfportraits 2005

Indian Portraits

Ousteri day by day

Stanton Family


Initially, photography is not an end in itself; it serves as a pretext to approach others, to get close to them in their daily routines, in their relationship with the world. The approach is to capture fleeting emotions, body postures, gestures, and rituals unique to the individuals encountered, with their complicity, which is slowly gained. From the personal, the individual expresses each time a little more of the universal. A "universal" explored partially with each universe slightly opened. The technique for taking pictures is primarily analog and medium format (with frequent use of flash). Digital video since 2013. The work in recent years also marks a questioning of the status of the photographer... with a delegation of the shutter release to the model, a full participation of the model in the photographic act.

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