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Cobra Jaune et autres rencontres

Sequel to “El Carès”

“Cobra Jaune” is a sequel to the subject “El Carès” which, in 2002, made me spend a summer on rue Terre-Neuve in the Marolles. Patrick, Christiane, José, Antonio remained in my neighborhood... Over time, I wanted to remember them, continue to live with them... In the fall of 2009, I took up portraits again, one of my old images was pinned to the wall of Christiane and Patrick's apartment. I take this as a sign, and interfere in their lives, occasionally, at their invitation or on my initiative. This series evolves over the course of lives... "El Carès" closed its doors, and Christiane and Patrick settled above the "Cobra Jaune". Thanks to them, I met Christel at Cobra Jaune, in 2010, who was going to give birth to her little girl...Shortly after, Christel gave birth to her first child in Saint-Pierre... She called me to take images. I also sometimes receive images, which I integrate into the series when I like them. Participation of the model in the shots, at work. It is not so much a question of reporting as of meetings, of confrontations of worlds, of shared artistic work. To the late Antonio, boss of El Carès.
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