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Ousteri selfportraits 2005

India, Tamil Nadu

"The question of photographing others has been at the center of my thoughts for a long time (I photograph people in Belgium and elsewhere, but only when I can spend time with them). The stolen image does not interest me. The other must in fact be able to be aware of my presence, of the image of himself that he wants to give” (I.D.) The “Self-portraits of Ousteri” perfectly illustrate this desire: every evening, in front of the same wall, at the same time, the tenants of the place photographed themselves by pressing the trigger of the camera placed by the photographer, in his company. The result: collective work, an aesthetic unity which brings out attitudes, an approach which testifies to the questions and the involvement of the photographer. Moments at least as important as the shots. They remind us (...) of the role of the photographer, of the subject, and of the humanity of the photographic moment. F. Delvoye, 2006."
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