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Published by ARP2_june 2023

Texte de Julien Foucart, tiré de l'édition éponyme parue chez ARP2_juin 2023

The empty house is fascinating because the inhabitants no longer live there. Like an impulse or invitation to recreate a before and an after, it enables a memory process which is especially conducive to photographic work. Layers of wallpaper from all periods of fashion and all tastes, worn-out curtains, a swaying wardrobe, solitary chairs, a fly swat, a mosquito net, and open or closed doors and windows, which either block or let in the omnipresent light, form this pastel decor in which a far-off memory presides at the photographic moment. Hence, these pictures, in which time inevitably reigns supreme, certainly conjure up the past but, as one looks at the children who appear in them, they also evoke the future.
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