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La classe A008

Ville de Bruxelles, 2013-1016

Edition "Le bec en l'Air", 2017

The action takes place at the Institute of Arts and Crafts in 1000 Brussels, in 3rd and 4th professional garage mechanics, at secondary level. More precisely, she is in the class of Pascal D., a mechanics teacher himself from this school, passionate about his profession. His class, “class A008”, is the unique location of the action shown, a closed session where the shots took place between January 2013 and June 2016 (four half-years of school). I went to meet four groups of very attentive or less attentive teenagers, linked together or not, in repeated gestures, in a constantly renewed choreography. Room A008, since it is listed as such, is located on the inner ring of the city, facing car traffic, a class literally anchored between school and working life. ​ An eponymous monograph was published in March 2017 by 'Le Bec en l'air'. ​
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