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Stanton Family, Massachusetts, USA

1998 (et 1999)
























































Here is the story of the summer I decided to work as a volonteer in the United States, for an indeterminate while. The place was not really a choice, going to the United States was far from being a myth at the beginning. My immersion was progressive, the New World: open wide. The warm season just started.


Massachusetts, small green state in the northeast was my falling point. Life? My life? Not that one of a photographer but that of a mother of a large family, on the practical side as much as the emotional side.


Photography was totally absent during the first month (it wasn't under any circumstances the purpose). Then, little by little, it came into my everyday life, into our everyday life. So many moments, so many small things that we want to keep, not to forget them. Suddenly time goes so quick!

Yes, even in the States, people are funny, boring, touching, stupid or charming!


Even in the States, life can exist beyond appearences.

To all those that I care for, in United States, in Belgium and elsewhere.




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