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Christiane et Patrick_Bruxelles, 2014.

timing :  5' 42"


Realised at Marine Dricot's invitation -<> for an exhibition called "Je vais vous parler de l'amour", Chênée, Belgium, 2014 



The infinity is a video (made in February-March 2014) about the relationship between Christiane and Patrick, a couple of about 58 years old. They live in the most popular town of the Brussels'centre : Les Marolles. They live on top of bar, in a single room. They met each other about 15 years ago and have no child.


I take photo's of them for the past 10 years. Christiane and Patrick are for me the best actors around the subject of "Intimacy". The love sometimes with a big "L", sometimes with a very small and hard "l", the routine's one. The passion and the dullness, or the opposite. Mixed feelings, day by day.


The video is a live caption with their own words, taken in 2 shots of 1 hour each. I wanted them to appear only at the end together, the allow the viewer entering very close into their own intimacy, without telling much about their present hard conditions of life.


The title " infinity" is a word that came automatically (lapsus) , from Patrick's mouth , when he precisely wanted to say "intimacy". That sounded very interesting for me, for them, for all of us in the day-to-day life and intimacy we share with our family, something that seems to be endless and in which we find our affective security.

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